Australia & New Zealand

Feb. 12th 2021 - Feb.21st. 2021



Alaska Cruise & Train

Cruise: July 31st, 2020

Train: Aug 7th, 2020


South Pacific

Feb. 21st, 2021 & Mar. 3rd, 2021



Current Cruises

Information on staterooms, pricing, excursions and our event can be founded on each Crochet Cruise sailings.

With cruises, hotels, excursions and, of course, crochet activity classes, this is the ultimate dream holiday for those that love to crochet and enjoy hook'n the high seas.


As you can see we have a number of events happening. Choose your favourite. We also have arranged the hotels, excursions and helpful tips to make your holiday an enjoyable one. Don't forget with the activity class fee, it includes a huge workshop bag of yarn for all of our classes and teachings from Mikey.  The activity fee also covers all of the behind the scenes costs and organization that goes into making this crochet-cation awesome!


Who says crochet can't be fun?

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Canceled due to COVID

Canceled due to COVID

Canceled due to COVID

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