Please note: With the rise of COVID-19, we currently are suspending all 2020 and 2021 cruises. We are deeply saddened with this discussion but as many of you know, the cruise lines have canceled their latest schedules and will likely continue to do so in the future. Crocheting together is interactive. Because of that, we strongly made the decision to wait until we are in the clear for our health and yours. Until there is a vaccine that is available for the WORLD to use, we must do our part to flatten the curve. We ask that you all stay healthy and dream for furture cruises with us. One thing for sure, we are dreaming right now to hook the high seas with all of you soon.


For all cancellations, please contact Sherry, She has worked so hard for us to only see it all disappear. Give her lots of love and please been understanding.

With cruises, hotels, excursions and, of course, crochet activity classes, this is the ultimate dream holiday for those that love to crochet and enjoy hook'n the high seas.


As you can see we have a number of events happening. Choose your favourite. We also have arranged the hotels, excursions and helpful tips to make your holiday an enjoyable one. Don't forget with the activity class fee, it includes a huge workshop bag of yarn for all of our classes and teachings from Mikey.  The activity fee also covers all of the behind the scenes costs and organization that goes into making this crochet-cation awesome!


Who says crochet can't be fun?

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Current Cruises

Information on staterooms, pricing, excursions and our event can be founded on each Crochet Cruise sailings.

Australia & New Zealand

Feb. 12th 2021 - Feb. 21st 2021


Western Caribbean

Feb. 19th 2022 - Feb. 26th 2022


South Pacific

Feb. 21st 2021 & Mar. 3rd 2021



Eastern Caribbean

Feb. 26th 2022 & Mar. 5th 2022


Canceled due to COVID

Canceled due to COVID

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